Sunday, October 14, 2007


Aaron Dilloway came by the store a few nights ago with copies of his new record, Infinite Lucifer, a one-sided remix of Bobby BeauSoleil's music for Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising. It's a bizarre suite of loops and noise and just what I've been wanting to hear of late. Speaking of Satanic music, my quest to track down the Witchcraft 70 score has been less than fruitful.

Thursday night, Erin and I met up with Robert and Aaron at Eve. Erin began wearing glasses for the first time in her life and the feedback has been positive (especially from me, obviously--she looks beautiful and natural). In terms of ambiance, Eve might be my favorite place to get drinks in town. Unfortunately, the drinks aren't great and their mojito is inconsistent, to say the least. There have been a few really fun times there, including Mike's birthday and a stop with Thomas.

Woof -- I'm watching A History Of Violence and the score is killing me. Rough stuff. Ominous music cued with ominous scenes for an obvious redundancy.

S&R have an opportunity coming up: a monthly gig at the Pig supporting and MCing for Starling. Hilarious! Apparently, they were trying to figure out how to prohibit people from taking them seriously and we came up. At the very least, we're down for November.

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