Friday, October 05, 2007


Reading an issue of Rolling Stone can be a fucking soul-crusher of a task. The latest issue, their infamous annual "Hot" issue, is the absolute worst: 142 pages of vapid tidbits. Kid Rock's cure for heartbreak? Devendra B. trading mix CDs with Lindsay Lohan? Celebrity might be a little lost on me, I must admit. To be honest, even watching eight minutes of David Letterman poking Paris Hilton about her jail stint was almost too much after seeing the Federline-taped youtube video of Britney high as a kite an entire week ago. It might taste like the whip for a moment but the hangover is the pits.

Meanwhile, a viewing of Lars von Trier's 1980 student film Nocturne yielded a positive experience: visually very beautiful, interesting soundtrack, and the dialogue wasn't nearly as bad as von Trier made it out to be in the commentary. Aside from The Five Obstructions, the two von Trier films I've seen (Breaking The Waves and Dancer In The Dark ) have made me uneasy to the point of near-illness, although for different reasons. Looking over his wikipedia entry, maybe it's time to give him another chance. How he didn't come up in a conversation with some pals about contemporary auteurs, I have no clue.

In between the last paragraph and this one, I read an interview with von Trier ( and it's blown me away a little bit.

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