Tuesday, February 18, 2014

XXX RAPS 4 $$$

Firstly, screwball & rape shed, black as night in a beaver treasure. Wilting caramel & mom's adam's apple, disappointed with Lucy, give me an onion to remember. Period sex first & foremost, little lightbulb's gone out in penis blanket. Toad fighting became illegal & hunks were finally releasing the book. A carriage of nickels, rotten in Connie's yard -- why'd you give me horn section of mariachi band when I asked for grapes! The circus is in bed, ripe as can be in the lost sack. Who knows whose nose was on the cover, President. Lips & tug of war, grampa's heart sack. What a bean to Rambo? Once I took a picture of a cake every day for a year & bored my friends to death.