Thursday, March 15, 2007

KLORN VS. S.W. IN 19995!!!

 "If it isn't the creator of the Double-X.5 Lamborg-ini Ray..." It was Snapple Wigwam, the hottest zero-g prick-tease this side of Chilimac Gamma.

 "Need something glakked, Snapple?" I said. She leaned in, pressing her mini-knee into my laser-bone. The thought of her feathered muff--rumored to be the most similar to the feathering worn by young human women during the original 1980s--made my teeth itch.

 "Skeletonskeletonskeletonskeletonskeletonskeleton," said Snapple. "Lancelot Link already gave me rabies." She secreted a green drip of honey dew nectar from the mini-knee. She was already glakking.

 I'd heard that President Link created a smokable form of rabies popular among Pluto 3's gigolos. I had no idea it made its way to Star Sector Zagnutt's cyber ho-bags. I'm betting the vigilante police don't know either. Or they're hooked themselves.

 I reached for my portable Double-X.5 Lamborg-ini Ray and fired off a quick blast at Snapple. It ricocheted off her cup of DR.PEPPER14.7.5 and hit my bionode.

 "I...I thought...condensation was made..illegal...three...light years...ago..." I managed to sputter.

 "It was," Snapple rasped back. "I mean, IS."

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Our food bag went
missing last night.

"I'm hungry,"
I said.

Maggie turned, took
my arm with her right

squeezed my bicep;

"Sit down."
She pushed me
to the earth.

"Eat this."
Maggie paused
as she heard music
leave the woods.

She called to me.
"Eat this."

Maggie stepped behind
me and I turned.
An axe and
my mouth.

My lips split right
the middle

I coughed once,
lungs filled with bad

and I lay
on the earth and
fill up.