Monday, February 04, 2013


Tic-tac is sick of picking up the apartment
and ol' Bessie Boo has the white dribble
Saggy Mae has a case of flat wine coolers
and the creek ain't make no more ripples

It's Freaky Friday in this old chocolate town
money has never ever ever been tighter
Nobody can afford a new pair of pants these days
and we've been killing off the sons & daughters

Why you gotta' look at me so buggly eyed
Is it cuz your peas ain't worth a damn no mo'?
Rip pie diddly oh scrib scrab jib jab
Daddy stole mama's blanket, gave her a spank

(whistle solo)

Now daddy's spanking mama bad
like he ain't never spanked nothing before
and then he corrected me
about the time he spank a wild bore

The wild bore was shittin' everywhere
clowns were quitting their jobs
we didn't know what to do with the clowns then
so we killed them fuckers too.