Thursday, February 02, 2012


"I get to hang out with so many cute girls I'm all like fuck what you think." Scummer wiped his nose, every bag that comes in here. Sniff sniff. Holding a photo of a magician holding an underwear, "Garments! The first one made how many holes?"

Ah, a cheerful spinning! 7-11 in the sky from heaven, no more Thanksgiving in the icy columns of Hades. "Cruel how money is, man." Cabin log in and caused a few fires. Bad, man. Watchin' tears fall on a sausage, wake up and smell the.

"Sweet drums, man." Haha fool -- not a man! Slashed to ribbons a leased car; wife trrrrrouble. Subdivision worries for further hesher moves. "I haven't had that kind of energy in years!" Fingers on chin, little teeth poke out upper lips agape snarl when cops have your back.

Snif'd at a sci fi book, "I had been living in New York but it seemed too much like a sci-fi book." A HISTORY OF BURNOUTS ON SATURN.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


ridiculous florist with reggae doo-rag / salami sandwich for the almighty has mustard & cheese issues / pomegranates stains on your beaver / tell the cat to watch out -- there's fruit behind it! / the pilgrim's barnyard, the pilgrim's barnyard riddle / hair falling down everywhere, a ditch fulla' hair / a beatnik's pants for sale on eBay / a saxophone full of candy, ice cream of the future, malted milk balls / _____ couldn't give me a raspberry on my belly after it grew a mustache / a teenage girl with big '80s bangs screaming at a car in flames

entranced by the ballbuster's perfume, I put on the skull mask / the washing machine's feelings when the widow finally passed on / hip-hop basslines finally committed suicide, kick drums threw a party with all the money they made / penis drawing opened a can of beer, laffed its fukkin ass awf / Casio scream beats Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the charts / MJ's backup singer with a bad grass habit had to be fired / who plays the Poetry Organ when the regular guy has the day off? / ch'p'd t'th / this is so fukkin 'welcome to the world of AIDS', it makes me sick / i hate jocks et al