Wednesday, February 01, 2012


ridiculous florist with reggae doo-rag / salami sandwich for the almighty has mustard & cheese issues / pomegranates stains on your beaver / tell the cat to watch out -- there's fruit behind it! / the pilgrim's barnyard, the pilgrim's barnyard riddle / hair falling down everywhere, a ditch fulla' hair / a beatnik's pants for sale on eBay / a saxophone full of candy, ice cream of the future, malted milk balls / _____ couldn't give me a raspberry on my belly after it grew a mustache / a teenage girl with big '80s bangs screaming at a car in flames

entranced by the ballbuster's perfume, I put on the skull mask / the washing machine's feelings when the widow finally passed on / hip-hop basslines finally committed suicide, kick drums threw a party with all the money they made / penis drawing opened a can of beer, laffed its fukkin ass awf / Casio scream beats Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the charts / MJ's backup singer with a bad grass habit had to be fired / who plays the Poetry Organ when the regular guy has the day off? / ch'p'd t'th / this is so fukkin 'welcome to the world of AIDS', it makes me sick / i hate jocks et al

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