Thursday, October 28, 2010


"Would you like to come back to the loft, dearie?" asked Otis.
"Naw. I got to fry some fish. Some big 'uns."
"I'm talking about a big ol' kettle. All kinds of fish." Junior licked his lips.
"Oh really?"
"As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about a hairy clam or oyster right now."
"Oh yeah??"
"As a matter of fact, I can think of some tuna that needs attending to right now."

 Junior didn't look at Otis. He turned and walked toward me with the index finger of his right hand pointing directly at my face. His finger moved in small circles. For a moment, I thought he may be scrutinizing my nose.

"Yes?" A bead of perspiration slid down my neck and was absorbed by the fabric of my collar.
"...interested in the house? They call it the Eagle Pound."

 He pointed back toward the dark house that sits next door to the Baron's apartment complex. Spray painted gold, the front gate sparkled magnificently in the light of the street lamp. The profound red of the house gave the plot of land an almost royal quality despite the perverse, rugged urbanity of the surrounding area. It was only hours ago that I'd arrived in town with a new bag of clean underwear & a cheek scarred by windburn and here I was being offered a prized location in the community.

"You'll note that while this is an excellent neighborhood filled with many fine-looking houses, this particular house is not as nice. For that reason, it's cheap enough for a single person such as yourself to rent & enjoy; not one of your friends has a place this big. I find this will justify the fact that I will not do anything for the maintenance of the house."

 My friends, I thought. These are my friends, aren't they?

"It's the house my wife was killed in. I hate that it even exists but money is money. I imagine she would've wanted me to continue renting it. Or, no I don't. I don't know why people say that kind of shit. I do, but you know...."

 I thought about it.

"Monsieur, I'll take it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


He said to the sweet little thing:

Why hello there you sweet little thing! I didn't even see you coming my way and don't know how neither what with your natural radiance lighting up the night like this. Girl, you are a beauty. I love what you do with your hair.  You got a natural class. I can see your thighs in the stars and I wanna smooch 'em smooch 'em smooch 'em. I wanna kiss you on the wrist. I'll take you up to the trees. Some of them have little houses in 'em. What do ya' say, little darlin'?

The master of the house had carved a tunnel in the earth below the stairs; a cave of black sand with a host of rifles stacked neatly atop shelves. She remembered the rifles and how the stairs had rotted away to reveal the rifles. She and her mother saw the rifles. Then they saw the cave.

If she can get to the rifles. The moon lurked like a skull hovering above the staircase.