Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Between myself and my good pal Jim Lechocki at Southern Records in Chicago, film has always been the primary topic of discussion. Whilst talking about the Ann Arbor Film Festival today, we entered into a challenge similar to that of one I made to a few other pals back in April in that participants have one month to complete a short film with a few specified limitations. One of the three guys I posed the challenge to, Brian Hunter, accepted and made a film ["untitled"]. Another, Travis Bursik, accepted, reneged, and then completed a short after the end date ["trux"]. Another didn't even bother to start one and I made "Ess House" which I described as a "voyeuristic sexual fantasy steeped in a salvia dream looking more like an extract from a surrealist Mexican soap opera." You can watch it here:

Monday, September 15, 2008


The test pressings of Benoit Pioulard's Lee 7" arrived yesterday and, holy smokes, does it sound top notch. Tested for quality on a Technics home player and a fancy pants audiophile turntable, it will not disappoint (and if it does, you are an asshole). Lee Hazlewood's manager and Hazlewood's widow(!!) heard "Sundown Sundown" and found it to be quite lovely. We're still reeling from that one.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Although we'll be without electricity for the next five days (DTE's the effin' worst), our new place is the whip. While waiting for the lights to come on, I DJed a private party and Eve in Kerrytown, both of which went quite well. A lot of great records have come into my life lately as well as a new turntable. Lots of other opportunities are cropping up but it's still a bit early to start talking about.

Monday, September 01, 2008


1.) A River Cried A Clown
2.) Seventeen Beers ...and Nick!
3.) Terror at Alfredo Palace
4.) Visions of Rhubarb
5.) The Frozen Car