Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Join us at Connie's Book Castle with author Michael Ken Gleeson as he reads from and signs his new book, THE YEAR I WENT BALD WAS THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE: My Wife Split, Kids Made Cracks, A Hooker Gave Me The Clap and I Grew Long What Little Hair I Had Left Before Learning To Cook For Myself.

Thanks in part to five stars reviews from both Bald Type and Egghead Chef magazines, TYIWBWTWYOML: MWSKMCAHGMTCAIGLWLHIHLBLTCFM has percolated into the kitchens of Denver.

"I went bald, lost my wife and then my job as a real estate trader," said Connie's Book Castle owner Connifred Mason. "Then I opened this book store, which isn't exactly doing gangbusters. But I can't say it hasn't scored me any free 'tang," he elaborated.

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Thomas said...

oh i'm glad i remembered to check your blog today..maybe the funniest thing i've seen all month, especially the acronym.