Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Feeling slightly beat at the moment, I wouldn't exactly be disappointed if this becomes an early night. The weekend was fantastic; a good mix of business and pleasure. The business was easy: got some work done on the Brent Van Daley book, recorded a fair amount, and time in the shop went by quickly. On the other hand, the pleasure was pretty grand.

On Saturday, Erin and I found a radical hill near our house, beginning at the corner of Pamona and Sunset. Until today, I had no clue that it happens to be the second-highest point in town. We almost crossed town going downhill, not breaking until we ran into a private block party. Upon plateau, we found an easy way back and took the hill again. The way the streets are arranged, one could coast in any direction for block after block and block. Very invigorating! The best part was listening to Erin scream with glee every time we rounded a sharp corner.

Soul Club was the night before. Aaron and I met up at his new pad and chatted for a bit, got our haze on and walked to the Pig. Downstairs at the Eightball, we each had a Guiness (on tap and excellent) and waited for Robert to show. His birthday started at midnight and we celebrated with velvet cake and more Guiness before taking it upstairs where things got jumping somewhat quickly. We sat in the back and marveled at Breck's selections whilst chatting with Mike, Lianna, and her sister, Amber. It was one of those rare nights when excess was balanced with a number of other factors to make a fun, messed up evening.

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