Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Alarm clock or endurance test? I've either started waking up earlier or the construction next door won't allow for sleeping in. Speaking of the construction, there are two huge pits where a couple of condo basements will soon be and they need some exploring before it's too late.

Robert told me about his recent trip to Chicago and how, even if it's not the place to be, he feels a need to get out of A2. He then said, "I really feel you should get out too." No shit. I've lived in Michigan the entirety of my life but our love affair was brief.

Recently, Aaron mentioned that one of the city's better-known DJs was planning to move to NYC and that we should usurp his position. Woof--becoming one of the next "top A2 DJs" isn't exactly the advancement of place I'm looking for. This is a small city wih a low ceiling and I'm about ready to hurl.

A few places are on the mind but figuring out where next is should be soon. I'm holding out for the Pacific Northwest but StL and it's cheap living crossed my mind too. Erin and I are up for anything

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