Sunday, February 15, 2009


The plan was simple. The speed trap near the woods.

The cop exited her vehicle and was speaking with the driver. Anna held a lighter one inch from the rag and waited. As soon as a break in traffic opened, Anna ran into the street, stopped in the turn lane and lobbed the molotov cocktail at the cruiser. A wave of flames wound around the driver's side and Anna ran back into the trees.


Simone watched her father throw $100 bill after $100 bill into the Blackjack dealer's hand. The father would not recoup, murdered in the parking lot after pissing into the casino's oil vat. "A low-life bleeding out his temple," she heard someone laugh. "Fingers all swollen like bruised bananas."

She would have better luck. Wracking up chips, winning on a horse named S.O.L., first place in the Hamburger Lottery, and eventually taking a church from a loan shark in a poker game.


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