Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I started to write a story that went something like this:
Waiting on the Dark Lord.
Always so quiet and then it's like
"Whassup, Dark Lord!!"
Hm... don't really know where that could've gone. Only now do I realize just how Cthulhu it is AND THERE ARE POWERS APPARENT IN ALL CTHULHU TEXTS. Ehh....

Anyway, I'm much more inspired to write about the show Erin and I went to last night. Totally missed Child Bite which was a bummer but caught Mi Ami and Thank You. Holy smokes, after a good spell of not being amped about any new bands, I've got a major crush on those latter two. It's a relief too, I'll tell you what, when an existing band makes you wish you were back in a band as opposed to, say, an old Andre Williams single (although I suppose that's not a bad reference point for a new band). The jams were so direct, so natural in some way.

Been bad about blogging/writing lately and today will be no different. I actually don't know what the track below is save that it's an alternate version of the song I posted the other day. Enjoy!


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Mike Jonessssss said...

I wish I had come along with you guys instead of being a lame-ass. I totally agree with you; Mi Ami and Thank You are fucking awesome and totally exciting. Every time I hear Empty Legs I want to pick up my guitar and crank it to 10 through the fuzziest, dankest distortion possible. Drat.