Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Woof -- hours away from the final count and I'm getting cold sweats thinking about Nihilists For Sarah Palin, a wildly destructive group hoping to create a veritable Burning-Man-On-Earth revolution. Their influence may not be overtly palpable but the rumblings of a scorched earth are there: Mad Max-style dune buggies, oil drum symphonies, desert sex, and many sand goggles.

The idea is that things could get waaaay worse, so fuck it, let's take it all the way to the end, burn it all and see what freaks are left. These effin' ├╝ber-glum, election bummerisms have got to go, along with all the other emotions. Oh, and society.

At the forefront of this ideology is not simple nihilism, but Mrs. Palin. Because it could get worse: she could become president. Were it to happen, I welcome the Nihilist plague with open arms, a Wolf Eyes cassette, and a pair of Scott 83X Desert Goggles.

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