Sunday, November 02, 2008


Who says it can't be done!? 2008/2009 NYE COSTUME EXTRAVAGANZA! You heard it here first and you'll be hearing about it until the 2009/2010 NYE Midnight Thanksgiving! And that's a fucking fact!

Moving on, Erin and I went to Cedar Point yesterday (her tenth visit, my fourth). We were about to buy tickets at $49 ea. when a woman approached us and sold her season pass and a ticket for $10 (it was the second-to-last day of the season). Then I found $20 on the first ride we got in line for. Hilarious. Hmm... what else can be said? The Top Thrill Dragster melted my face off, the Magnum still kills, and the people-watching was almost as good as the bratwurst(!!).

The night before was the H-ween, of course. I dressed as a pervert, complete with dandruff, stuff on my mouth, a bulge in my pants, and a maxi-pad stained with dried chocolate and red lipstick that I sniffed at with great frequency. Erin went as a kind of tourist mom with fannypack, "gunt", and lipstick-smeared teeth -- yikes. We couldn't have been less sexy. Photos to come!

LISTENING Jorge Ben - For├ža Bruta

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