Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Somewhere on the web, a writer* reduced Dr. Delay's "wizard rock" mix, REM Sleep, to a clever move by a desperate DJ. The story goes that the DJ market is so saturated that one would have to pick a somewhat untapped genre (psych, in this case) to establish him/herself in the greater disc jockey landscape. While this might be true, I can't help but think of factors at play other than market saturation that would motivate DJs to widen their scope a bit more.

For one, hasn't that DJ Octagon album aged pretty badly? "Half Shark Half Alligator Half Man" sounded great in that one skate video my pals and I used to watch but it only makes me think of 1996 and Black Elvis/Lost In Space (which only makes me think of 1999). Plus, Wolf Eyes trumped Kool Keith with "Half Animal, Half Insane" for strange-math titles.

Secondly, hasn't a lot of electronic music aged really badly? Oof -- try picturing the "tech/house/jungle room" in any record store circa 1994 without dry-heaving or feeling sad. If you're a DJ, you might consider exploring other genres too.

Moving on, keep an eye out for my new mix, Black Flag Couldn't Beat-Match Either. It's the follow-up to Well, Link Wray Totally Couldn't Beat-Match.

* ::cough:: Yeah, and I'm one too.

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Brian said...

Kool Keith playing at the Warped Tour (in 1999, at Noon, in Pontiac with Sum 41) has to be one of his career highlights.

That and getting fat(ter).