Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last night was a completely strange bust(?) of a gig. The "(?)" is there only because I guess it was a success on some terms. It just wasn't my success. I reserved the night at Elks Lodge for Dark Matter but decided to cancel for a number of reasons: 1.) The Bang was celebrating their 7-year-anniversary the same night, 2.) Arborvitae was hosting Crunksgiving the same night, 3.) a neighbor was hosting a get together too, and 4.) Aaron, Robert and I DJed our friend Jasmine's birthday party at Elks the night before. So, bad night for DM but I didn't actually cancel the night. At Jasmine's party, the Elks members were really pumped about making DM a "mixer" and invited a serious number of their pals.

Having done no promotion, I rushed to put something together and snagged Nate (DJ Ornate) to DJ since he always seems to be down for playing records and has a good rapport with the Elks. It was a tough crowd. Thank goodness Nate killed it because I was striking out hard. Holy smokes. Perhaps you heard that classic Bill Cosby quote: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone." Before Nate arrived, it was two hours of doing my set and trying to remember that quote, hoping at least part of the crowd would eventually be wooed by, fuck, I dunno, my El Chicano 45 (glad I chose not to play the "Eleanor Rigby" side!). In the end, I think I pleased the jazz contingent (1-5 people).

The night got me thinking about that whole "privileged DJ" thing I wrote about here. I've needed something to knock me on my ass, to push me a little further and deeper, or at least get me thinking about what I'm doing.

Anyway, Erin and I did make it to Crunksgiving for a spell. Arborvitae has the familial vibe down pat. Erin was pretty blown away by her first Crunksgiving so she went back for a couple hours after dropping me off at Elks Lodge. She came back just after midnight and we had a great time dancing with everyone while Nate slayed. She was absolutely beautiful dancing around. I felt terrible that she was going to get less than two hours of sleep before work today.

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