Sunday, March 22, 2009


"The register started singing this kind of ching-ching-ching song and that's when I knew the business was successful," he said. "That's the money song!"

The street assassins took a break to chow down on some turkey sammiches their honeys made. "I think I really love those gals," said Parker. Martin was enraged: "What the fuck are you talking about?! That kind of talk will mess you up. We're street assassins -- WE DON'T THINK!"

"We don't want to give up this spot," she said, pointing to a 1' square patch of grass in the crowded field. "It's for God in case he wants to come to Bonnaroo this year. If he's not here by Radiohead, someone can have it."

"It still feels like rejection each time a new booklet of Food Stamps shows up." His colleague interjected, "And I'm bothered there aren't Drink Stamps! Haha. Tell the government that I'm waiting!"

"Please, Mr. Edison, when you're through with those bagels and pepperoni, could you tell me more about this fascinating electric candle? It really... excites me," said Missy. "Why Missy, I'd heard that you were a bit of a starrrrrfucker."

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