Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The most amazing girl in the world, Erin Nicole, bought me a roundtrip plane ticket to San Francisco so Lloyd and I could drive to LA for the David Axelrod show. Sir Wells just informed me that the show has been canceled. Egad. I'm crushed and bumming hard. Nonetheless, I shall soldier on with what will most definitely be an excellent trip to Cali... Cali... Cali. Can't wait. But dang -- it woulda' been great to see THE AXE!!

Moving on, clusterflock.org just threw up the most information I've seen yet about the upcoming issue of Minus Times although Drag City mentioned it in their news section as well.

Oof... I'm hurtin' about the Axelrod news. Oof -- it smarts!! Perhaps this unreleased Six Organs album will pick me up. Hm.

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shelley said...

when are you goin to CA? you're sitll going? this post is confusing