Friday, March 20, 2009


"Man... women want one thing: a wedding ring and then the rest of the world." Bart stopped blowing on his didgeridoo. Colby took off his beanie and scratched at the base of his hair wrap.

OVERHEARD: "I put a lizard in my mouth to get high but it started licking the roof of my mouth and bugging like it took a 'lude."

The angels stopped their singing and put their lutes down. A big gang of them went and hung out by the railroad tracks until the shit blew over.

Rogue "prince" kidnaps real princess and brings her back to cave lair: "Check this shit. It ain't King Arthur but we have some killer quaaludes -- way better than that shit he has."

CLASSIFIEDS: Looking for a killer thrash band to rent practice space behind A Wrinkle in Pizza. Call Lassiter for more info. Must have chops. ***-****

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