Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wanting to look through some of my zines from the 1980s, it seemed serendipitous when I reached for Unreal Mindwarp Funnies and Unsound #5 was right below it. Flipping through the review section to get a feel for the era and content of Unsound, I came across this review I either didn't notice before or completely forgot about for John (North) Wright and the Young Losers - Welcome 1984:
"Another tape to add to my collection of John Wright brilliance. This man writes incredible lyrics and expresses feelings so clearly, it becomes an enlightening experience. This tape features John with members of Hunting Lodge and the combination of vocals, lyrics, and music creates a whole new type of sound, no category for this tape. Look forward to the next issue of Unsound, an interview with John Wright."
Several years back, I issued John North Wright's final album, White Widow. When John passed, my sister and I inherited a TON of his work -- books, tape reels, BETA tapes, 4-track cassettes, scripts, etc. -- and this has my appetite whetted to archive everything and track down whatever interviews and reviews I can. Check this tho':


rs wells said...

I can't get that "Teenage Teenage Volleyballers" song out my head. Yikes!

Forest said...

Yeah, that jam is pretty unreal. The first time I saw John Wright (my first concert no less!), he played "I'm on Medication." My pal Matt and I couldn't get that one out of our heads for years. Mindblower.