Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sweet christ, it's a brutal bitch out there. I mean, for fuck's sake, it's 6°F out. Strangely, it hasn't stopped anyone from coming into the shop, even reggae doods. [Is there a correlation there?? Probably not! Who cares?!] Anyway, Aaron's birthday party was last night (and it was my ma's birthday proper) and Robert's going away party was the night before. Lots of playing records, laffin' and sipping maté, late late dog walks (this is not a metaphor). Really, it's been so busy that I haven't had much time to process any of it. Such is the nature of a U.S. December, I s'pose.

Something that stuck out recently, from H.R. (Bad Brains):
"I would think the more important principles to remember are to stay away from trouble, stay away from troublemakers, violence, violent-minded people, and to remember the I-and-I concept: to love oneself, to love others. It's so important to balance out oneself, to take time out with your loved ones and remember the consciousness of the universal love for the proper understanding. It is still in the philosophy stage. It sounds good to talk about it, but doing it requires a bit more time, so I would say to eat good food, exercise, and when playing one's instrument, between 30 minutes to an hour every day."
Lately I've felt some back-and-forth between contentment and feeling like a violent-minded troublemaker. It feels like something's going to bust. Bust for the better, to be sure, but.... Alright. Time to head into some serious feeling-well-below-zero weather. It's the kind of stuff that'll make a dog's ears fall off.

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