Tuesday, December 09, 2008


To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie made their Ann Arbor debut last week and it was murder. They showed around 3pm, we hung out for a hot minute, ate dinner and split to the venue. Windy did a really intense piece about 20 minutes in length, Halolos played a tight little set, and TKAPB was a dark, bassed-out monster (but, you know, with a pretty voice cutting through it all). The new jams were insane, especially the last song during which the majority of the small crowd literally howled over top to great effect. Maybe it's that I get so amped up at rock shows because I attend them pretty infrequently these days, but it was really exciting to watch them. There was danger, catharsis. It only now occurs to me that I watched the entire show from behind the PA. Hm. Anyway, the whole shebang was over with by 1am but we stayed up until 4 or 5am drinking Sparks (just kidding).

Wow. Listening to the Rolling Stones now. Some album called Now! and these cats can really cook. Like, the tube amp is all heated up and they're cooking eggs on top of that fucker. Someone go to the store and grab some Canadian bacon. Bust out a $20 cuz I wanna' make an anti-capitalist statement.

LISTENING The Rolling Stones - Now!

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