Monday, July 28, 2008


Our stay in the basement following Erin's return from Europe has been less than pleasing. However cheap the digs are, the space is plagued by water damage, mold, and all other things unsuitable for proper living. Thanks to our pal Louis, Erin and I secured a top-notch domicile on Jefferson St. in Ann Arbor. We'll be living a floor below the lad in what might be the most aesthetically pleasing residence I've seen in Ann Arbor or Ypsi (and for the space, the price cannot be beat). We met with the landlords Saturday night, a laid-back older Greek couple who made us eat almost an entire watermelon during the hour we spent with them. It'll be a full floor of a beautiful house to ourselves and I'm anxious as all get out to get in.

Post-watermelon, Erin had to race to the Yellow Barn (formerly the Art Barn) to model in the monthly Bizarre Dance fashion show. It was art-y to the point of hilarity at times but sans pretension for the most part and completely unpredictable. I crushed out hard on Erin who looked gorgeous in a dress by Epidemick Clothing. She danced a little and spoke about Hott Lava & Maya Deren to great response. Somethin' else.

Meanwhile, the Benoit Pioulard 7" is in the bag. The masters, deposit, and paperwork have been mailed in and we're expecting physical copies in just under two months. Roj's 7" is up next.

Now located in (the bad part of) California (and I don't mean L.A.!), Lloyd passed along some porn. This guy totally knows me. It's a 1976 musical porno take on Alice in Wonderland. Here's the trailer:

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