Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The Grammar Boys - "The Gentle Rattling of Teacups"
Cheerio Pascal - "Windsocks of the Mind"
Laserlips - "Mardi Gras Switcheroo"
Risky Risqué Riskee - "Dance-a-Ham"
Bernie - "Hooker Heels (She Made Me Wear)"
Little Corndog - "Beach Car"
Mel - "Leonard Pt. 6 Theme"
Camp Clickety-Snare - "Do It on a Frugal Budget"
The Hat Girl - "Goodbye Diet"
Monique Livermore - "Strange Pantry (Bonus Beats)"
Rev. Marco Polo - "You Can Have My Drippins"
Wet Burrito - "U2 Jam"
Fancy Sally & The Smart Bunch - "Thou Wert a Beest"
Kisses in the Mist - "Jewess (Hey Bonnie)"
The Marsh-Rays - "My Wife Calls Me Swampfoot"
Lana From Georgia - "Is Birkenstocks Mad?"
Los Hamburguesa - "Pistolwhipped in Cairo"
Los Cubos - "Sherlock 'Robin Hood' Holmes"
The Changers - "Rubber Belt"
Gas Mask Sam - "Give the Jockey His Rubles"
Grosbeck & Walther - "In Bed (Pretend We're Siblings)"

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