Saturday, July 12, 2008


Tomorrow will see the third edition of Erin and I's little cinema club, Hott Lava. It's our first "HL" in a year after canceling two in a row (following the successful Sexx Lava, that would be the Halloween edition called The Devil's Lava and the anthropological Hott Humans). This one might as well be called Hott Love if everyone didn't cringe at a love-themed night, loosely themed as it may be, although Erin would love the T. Rex reference. We've got a heavy feeling that this one will go beyond capacity but plans for a larger, more ambitious Hott Lava are in the works -- pardon me if I keep mum on those plans at the moment. The wonderful Ms. Windy Weber will be joining us for a live scoring of Sergei Eisenstein's Romance Sentimentale (this performance follows a recent jam in Portland with our inaugural performer, the brilliant Benoit Pioulard). Windy's increasing presence in our lives has been a very positive one. Totally killer human being. Also excellent about tomorrow's Hott Lava is the return of Travis Galloway and John Zeichman, represented in both art and film. True gentlemen if ever there were. After this, I gotta' get my ass in gear for my first live performance in some time. If you read this before the 19th, catch me at the Shadow Art Fair. i'm DJing elsewhere in Ypsi following the performance.

So, I finally got over my hardcore thing while abroad and dove into most things guitar: Gabor Szabo (esp. Dreams), John Fahey (The Yellow Princess), and Sandy Bull. Although Earth's latest, The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull, has been on near-constant rotation of late, Fucked Up's "Year Of The Pig" is threatening to bring the HC back into my life. It was so fucking killer on 12" last year, Matador had to sign them and re-release the fucking thing in the original 12" format and three alternate versions on three different 7"s. Like the Earth, it sounds so much better loud. When customers ask what band it is, I can only reply "it's Fucked Up," and they're like, "yeah, I know but...."

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