Monday, August 04, 2008


It's been a relatively slow summer for Ann Arbor so it's quite surprising when, say, 260 or so people show up for the Ann Arbor Soul Club like they did this past Friday. Expecting it to be a slow night, I got there late and was greeted by a long line out the door. Surprisingly, the evening was sans movie stars. Up next: a Skate Laws show and a night of DJing at the Elks Lodge. Both are well anticipated by this ol' boy.

Speaking of anticipation, we're moving into the new place come the first of September. It occurred to me that I won't have proper means to record once we're in the new spot so I'm devising some new ways of working. The change of pace and ethic should prove fruitful tho', and maybe I will self-release some music as suggested by Travis. It would be a while before that tho' -- Erin and I are readying the Roj work for mastering and production and the Benoit test pressings should arrive shortly.

Speaking of Travis, in a couple weeks, the gent is marrying the lovely Ms. Cara and I've the honor of serving as best man. As a result, I've been tripping down memory lane, paying special attention to a particularly enjoyable period of time a few years ago. He and I were living a few blocks apart, both single for the most part, often stopping by at one or the other's place with a bottle of wine (or vodka) and whatever new album we were being haunted by. Along with the other fellows of the Garland Street Mens Society, we made a lot of good food, threw some get togethers, watched a lot of movies of varying quality, and recorded quite a bit. All in all, one of the more productive and enjoyable periods of my life.

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