Monday, May 07, 2007


 Sammy's knee cracked and shifted on the rock. He tripped on a vine near the edge of the ravine and now lay trapped before the creature. Tony turned around to see his friend shriek. And then cry.

 "Tony--please! PLEASE!!" Tony raced over. "Tony...rub a Whatchamacallit on the wound.... There's one in my snack pack!"

 Searching through Sammy's red-and-yellow fannybag, he knew something was wrong. He'd passed out the night before, drunk on Thunderbird and Buck Bunny MD 20/20. Before his lids shut, he'd set the Whatchamacallit on a Foreman Grill under his bed. He didn't remember shutting the grill off. He didn't remember shutting the grill off!

 "Tony, it's in my... Wait a -- wait...!" His eyes widened and he took a deep breath. "...Tony--I found the Whatchamacallit on a Foreman Grill under your bed last night!" His eyes were now crying again. "I hope it wasn't mine, Tony! I hope it wasn't my WHATCHAMACALLIT!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!"

 "I love warm choc-- SAMMY!!!!," yelled Tony!

 And then the creature ate Sammy.

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