Saturday, January 05, 2008


Feeling completely burnt out by the holidays, I was apprehensive to begin a three-week tenure DJing for Aaron while he gallivants around Argentina with his girlfriend. Still, I hate to say 'no' to opportunities, especially those opportunities that pay and/or offer free food and wine.
On the first night, my game was off: it had been a while since I DJed and the effects of working a holiday retail job every day for a few weeks were exacerbated by a lack of sleep, food, and water. On top of some heinous mixer issues, some visiting friends were visibly bothered for the better part of the night which put a slight damper on the mood. Not long after midnight, I was more than happy to scramble home with said friends where could all relax. About ten people were over but I didn't last long in my condition and soon passed out.
Last night was a far cry from last week. My set went very well, the highlights being a long section of soul/cosmic/jazz kind of stuff made possible by the addition of a crate of Aaron's records and playing out Rota and Badalamenti tracks for the first time. Actually, before I played the latter artists, a patron complimented my choices by saying the music made him feel like he was "living in a Cassavetes film" (I think he may have been mistaken with his director choice but whatevs; I'll accept it). It was an incredibly reassuring night.
So, I'm back to work on my mix after a short and unplanned hiatus. For a portion of last night, I almost directly mimicked live the work I've done so far to great results. I've got two more dates this month and much to look forward to.

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