Monday, September 17, 2007


"Firecracker smoke looks like spiders."

Red Loc laughed and lobbed another M-80 into the sky. Years earlier,
Cece's mom cracked wise about how we were the type of kids that toy
with firecrackers on Christmas day. As if we gave a shit about figgy
pudding and singing carols.

Since that 25th of December, we've been practicing the art of the
perfect M-80 toss. It's now July 4th and we look like pros, tossing
one after the other into the air, almost bored with the routine.
Truthfully, we weren't the kind of kids to send cherry bombs into the
neighbor's eaves after first frost, much less light blacksnakes on
frozen lake.

Now, my yard has become a tangle of black widows and Honduran curly hairs.

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