Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's been a lot of fun slowly tricking out E.'s bike. The best part
may be that I get to ride it downtown every time I can afford an
adjustment. The ride home was a breeze even without a jacket and I
fear the winter will grind my rides to a halt.

At home, we put together an antipasto dinner ala Zola's and it was pretty grand. Erin sprung for the majority of food (I'm particularly addicted to artichokes) and some Maker's Mark and cider. To say the least, it hit the spot. We watched about 1/6 of the US edition of Cinema 16 which is enlightening, enjoying, and grueling all at once.

Afterward, Brian and I talked for a long bit out on the front porch. It was probably one of the better conversations we've had in a long while. His times are ruff and he talked about the annoyance of affluent university kids while I went on about the agony of life. No, really.

Never satisfied.

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