Saturday, September 29, 2007


Biphasic sleeping is back on the mind. George Lois, a graphic designer I greatly admire, said in an interview that he sleeps in two 3.5 hour blocks, out of "part work ethic and part craziness." Polyphasic sleeping was something that interested me since college and came up again when I was getting divorced and living alone. It seemed exciting but my schedule would never allow it. Biphasic seems quite possible and maybe I can get Erin in on it as well.

This is a strange year in that my hankering to celebrate autumn and Halloween has returned. The last several years have seen a sharp decline in busting out zombie comics and laying in leaf piles. This year, the cool air is as wonderful and rejuvenating as I'd once thought it always was.

There are many Ypsilanti autumn memories that stick out: furious bike rides through Frog Island Park listening to SN's 'Wilderness,' sitting on a fallen trunk over rushing water and humming "The Right To Remain Silent" for hours, and then a few years later there existed the Garland Street Mens Society.

GSMS is still a bit of a mystery to me. Nevermind the amount of booze we slugged down, that time period is a bit hazy in general. It started out nicely: avant-garde movies, avant-garde soundtracks, good food, and cheap booze. As things went sour for my health and personal life, so did the GSMS. It became the least stimulating night of the week--mom jokes, brainless drinking, and I had to clean up the mess the next day. On top of that, my house was beginning to smell like a Black & Mild. In the end, I lost my mind a bit and needed to recover from everything that had been happening for me emotionally.

Erin and I wanted to start a night back up but in the back of my mind, a weekly get together seemed inherently flawed. It doesn't leave a lot of room for experimentation. I mean, you could go somewhere different or completely change the activities each week, but you'd still become worn out.

"Do you guys want a belt?," he asked. We each threw one back.

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