Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Soy Vey! Asian-Jewish Legal Cases & Cook Book
Hobo Coconuts & Other Poems by Tipper Gore
Believe It or Don't Do It (Believe It, That Is)
Why & How Rednecks Love Chinatown
You Will Not Believe These Forts

Stop Pokin' Me With That Bloody Needle: The New Ryan White Story
Baseball Is Hell (Or Is It?)
Clueless Ham
The 4AM Wake-Up Call & Other Business Man Horror Stories
Penis Break
Lumps of the Pilgrims
Merciful Rubber Suit
Outfit Recipes for Plum-Colored Dockers
Friendly Retiree With The Crooked Smile
Fatal Balloon Rides
Mysterious Chowder
The Science of Feelings: How Emotion Pour Out of Thing
Nuggets: When Chili Hardens
Mandy Patinkin & Other Famous NRA Resignation Letters
The Rarest Iron Lungs in the World! (note: this is a pamphlet)
Escape From the Rhubarb Patch
Australia: Style, Class & a Great Ascot
Give Me Freedom or Give Me a Brand New Powd'ry Wig
We Used to 'Tape' TV Shows
PJs at Work?!
27 Canadian Flavour Escapes

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