Friday, April 10, 2009


Ohhhhhhhhhh shit! It's been a couple weeks since we last spoke, friend, and daddy hopes this finds you well. Last night, Raj & I DJ'd a German dining hall with no dimmer switch on the lights and it was bad in many ways. I can't figure out how I was strangely (sadly?) totally on, if not in my selections then at least my tt-skills (perhaps the light? the lack of inebriation?). Anyway, Erin, our friend Claire, and I scoped out spots for the next Dark Matter and it looks like we'll be in the old Leopold Bros space. Strange but cool, the place looks great without all the giant lame-oid picnic tables in there.

SF was a blast, Axelrod or not. My former underling, Lloyd, played host as we ran back and forth between Oakland (two thumbs up to Groove Yard) and San Fran (three thumbs up to Aquarius), doing impromptu DJ sets at his awesome apartment (1 of 2 mixes I did will find a home here post-haste), and forgetting records to play at a party in SF. Damon P was a true champ for hooking me up with... everything. Revolver USA let me scope out their warehouse which was overwhelming/exhilarating. All of it was so nice but my sleep schedule is fucked.

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