Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The week preceding last month's Dark Matter saw me feeling fried and freaking the fuck out. Egad -- I think a week was shaved off my life the day of. Dark Matter No. 2 is Friday and I'm considerably more relaxed if only because, between three DJs and one VJ, over 300 people have been invited. If 50 come and bring one friend, it'll be a success. Ahh... 100 people = sweet success!! Cripes -- 100 people -- what the fuck was I worried about?!

To be honest, I'm a mess of raw nerves these days. Methinks much of it comes from increased activity -- never have I had so much on my plate and never have I had so much self doubt. It's a vicious cycle, I'll tell you what. On top of everything already going on, ideas are constantly coming: new projects, plans, collaborations, blogs(!?), etc. Meanwhile, at night I lay in bed and think about starting a band. Hilarious.

LISTENING Mark Stewart and the Maffia - Mark Stewart + Maffia (Upside)

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