Saturday, January 02, 2016


I guess I resented the fact that people were doing yoga there?
also the carpet was hella dingy -- i imagined it being a little slicker in therethat said, it was a truly awesome place -- i loved the shades and being able to BARELY see out to the outsideand then when i got outside, the change in the "outside world" was as striking as the change going into DH was.

- by Pete

It was really dark in there, with some simple light displays and Super Loud drone music. Oh, and a shrine to Pandit Pran Nath with a picture and candles and stuff. Nothing really weird happened. I was there by myself and just laid down on a pillow on the floor and tried to zone out for like a 1/2 hour maybe, but I never felt fully safe and able to sink deep into trance like I would've liked to, y'know? There were other people in there just lounging around doing the same and maybe a few couples making out and whatnot. Felt kind of like we were in some 60's Fluxus/Warholian time warp zone, I guess.

- by Justin

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