Monday, December 31, 2012


Detroit rap clubs, soap thieves, ping pong monarchs, charred bassless klang, trap door kingpins, pig pen rabble-rousers, Chore Boy boxers. Black candle nighthawks, canoe cruisers & Motor City crushes, pitch black chariot races, decades-old waffle houses & teenage bartenders. Murder City stallions, against-better-judgement-walk-homes, tipped over flower pots & finding a diner, dynamite coney dogs & legendary HC. Macaroni spazzes & feelers feeling lucky, animal derby, Woodward Ave white light & ace bombers, truckers' friend, a street full of leaves. Corn dog chickenin's, Stubby Nubby's peace treaty, Tickle-Me Detroit Eagle's, cover charge & mustache wink, do you need a hand with that? Pickpocket lawyers, slim jim laws, Mexicantown deals, empty lanes, yellow & green grass, acid train stations, BBQ summit, Burk's Igloo. Cat wrestling & money on the kid, shit tacos & a nightmare walk-up, fish tank in the lounge, horse party, house stripper & backseat losers. Screaming is unnecessary, park on the steps, unmitigated gasps, hairy armor & a Sunday gumbo special, cheapest porn in town, sledged toilet.

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