Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Q: So, tell me a few basics about your new film. Apparently it's a sequel to an as-yet-unreleased film about models & modeling.
A: While it doesn't have a title yet, the film(s) are complete. Shot in 35mm black & white, it follows one of the models from the first film, Anna, as she makes the rounds in Europe.

Q: Tell me about Anna.
A: She is the child of a War Bride. Half-American/French, Half-Vietkong.

Q: This is unlike your other films, which were composed primarily of risqué youtube clips paired with peculiar music & found recordings to dichotomous -- and often humorous -- effect.
A: Yes, it's in a classic documentary style --
Q: Cinema vérité?
A: Yes, and concerns the racist underbelly of the modeling world. Have you seen Truth or Dare?
Q: Yes, of course!
A: Think Truth or Dare but with attractive people and not as much yelling or aging pop-stars attemping to rap.

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