Saturday, April 05, 2008


Update! HC still reigns but not without its foibles: thanks to the internet (and Punk Not Profit in particular), Void's unreleased Touch & Go album, Potion For Bad Dreams, was pretty easy to track down. Unfortunately, after a couple listens, Potion has been relegated back to obscurity; Potion For A Not-So-Great Album is more like it (nyuk nyuk). However, a proper rip of the Condensed Flesh boot more than made up for it. Corey D. hooked me up with the Wrangler Brutes cassette which I was pleased to find ISN'T the lo-fi live tape I believed their debut to be. It should prove a nice addition to the double-cassette HC mix I'm preparing for the trip abroad (180 minutes of the fuckin' truth!).

Although not far from the hardcore/punk family tree, Black Eyes and Mi Ami have been pulling me out of the 1980s and back to earth. So few bands/musicians grab me out of the gate with their lyrics and Black Eyes was able to do so despite singing in a near-unintelligible bark & yelp (look no further than "A Pack Of Wolves" for a totally ON condemnation of boy stupidity). At the moment tho', I'm preparing for a recording session tomorrow by avoiding music almost completely today as an experiment to keep any influence that might creep into the songs as lean as possible.

By the way, is it possible to call for an embargo on the use of "bro" and "bros"? I'm all for the de- and re-contextualization of words, but can't we find something better? Something, I dunno, not so easy!? C'mon, let's expand the cultural lexicon.

Damn, I gotta' give it up to super-positive Polish jazz violinists that studied with Don Cherry. Here's hoping all that smiling and great energy rubbed off.

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