Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Perhaps I mentioned my shrinking brain. The fade will erode my short term memory, speech, and mood if I'm not careful but a few weeks away is usually enough for my brain to recuperate. Just as I decided to abstain, the Soul Club anniversary popped up along with the Heavy Manners debut, both of which provided numerous opportunities for the fade. The Soul Club on Friday was tops -- 230+ people -- and Fine Wine's r&b set was the whip. Around midnight, Aaron, myself and a few others went out back to smoke when an attendee from the E-Sham show earlier in the night found us and wanted to partake. I said, "Great -- the undercover cop is here." I knew I was mistaken when he asked if any of us were into punk rock and started pumping his fists in the air. Back inside, Robert was dancing with a honey and looking very happy. That was the affirmation I was looking for -- that this was indeed a celebration, his success, and the acme of the night. By 2am, I was anxious to crawl into bed with Erin.

Saturday started off with a very necessary salmon purchase, was detoured by a 2 hour nap, and capped by the inaugural Heavy Manners -- A2's first ongoing benefit dance party. There wasn't much advance word so it was sparsely attended but very relaxed. Robert and I met up beforehand and spent the majority of the night chatting with folks until Aaron showed, at which point we started dancing. Back at my house, Brian's friends had their own little party going and we joined in. Eventually, it was 4am, we'd watched 45 minutes of Night of the Bloody Apes, and Sunday morning was going to be rough.

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